Orangeburg Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees acts as the governing body of Regional Medical Center (RMC), a nonprofit hospital and regional health care system located in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and owned by Orangeburg and Calhoun counties. 

The board is comprised of professional, business, and community leaders representing areas served by the hospital. The group includes two members appointed by the state Legislative Delegation; five members from Orangeburg County; two members from Calhoun County; two members of the RMC Medical Staff, the Chief of Staff, and the Chairman of the Medical Executive Committee. A Chief of Board Operations, who simultaneously serves as Board Secretary, was also appointed to the board by Orangeburg County.

Board meetings are held monthly. Agendas are posted prior to each meeting.

An 18-member Constituency Advisory Board provides the Board with recommendations based on the identified healthcare care needs of the areas served by RMC and the entities that interact with the hospital.