Family Presence and Visitor Policy for Hospitals + Ambulatory Sites

In response to the current status of COVID-19 rates and because the recent surges have significantly waned, MUSC Health is moving from modified operations to normal operations. Some aspects of returning to normal operations such as re-opening additional entrances will take a few weeks. Please be patient as we work on items such as patient entrances, routes of egress and expanding waiting areas.

Patients who need emergency treatment should continue to seek care at any MUSC Health Emergency Department. If you believe you need to be tested for COVID-19, please visit a community testing site. Visits to the Emergency Department should be reserved for life-threatening emergencies.

Our teams will continue to closely monitor any changes in COVID-19 which would require changes to our operational levels.

View Children's and Women's Health visitation guidelines for the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital and Pearl Tourville Women's Pavilion.

Inpatient COVID-19 Visitation Guidance

Special Considerations

  • COVID-19 positive patient:
    • In general, visitation of COVID-19 positive patients is not permitted.
    • Exceptions include patients under the age of 18 years and pregnant patients, for whom one supportive care person is permitted.
    • For patients who are difficult to "clear" from COVID-19 isolation (for example, immunocompromised), one supportive care person will be permitted after 10 days of hospitalization. This supportive care person:
      • Will not be allowed to stay overnight.
      • Must wear PPE (personal protective equipment). A regular face mask may be substituted for an N95 mask.
      • Must not utilize common areas of the hospital (for example, cafeteria).
    • Although in-person visitation of COVID positive patients is limited, as above, MUSC Health strongly encourages virtual visitation in order to preserve strong connections between patients and families.
  • COVID-19 negative or COVID-19 unknown patient undergoing COVID-19 testing:
    • For asymptomatic patients undergoing pre-procedural or admission COVID-19 testing, supportive care person(s) will be able to remain at the bedside. If the COVID-19 test results as positive, visitation will end and the supportive care person(s) will be asked to leave the hospital.

Pre-Procedure Testing

Pre-procedure testing for COVID-19 is no longer necessary.


Symptom screening at entrances will stop, but we will continue to encourage and remind everyone to self-screen.


In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), masks are not required — but we ask that visitors and patients be mindful of the needs and preferences of those around them.